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All-in-one data flexibility

We centralize your customer data for you — no need to worry about cleaning it, organizing it, or integrating it yourself. We’ll merge transactions, emails, web browsing and generate relevant insights so you can focus on driving revenue and conversions.

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Faster integration

Don’t settle for months-long integration nightmares. Our analytics engine centralizes and integrates data faster than anybody else – and you’ll typically get results within 24 hours.

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Real customer support

We get it – you want a worry-free relationship with your vendors. Here at Canopy, every team member is dedicated to helping you succeed. You’ll get personalized attention every step along the way.

See how uses Canopy Labs to make 1:1 product recommendations to its customers.

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Here’s how it works

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We build a 360-degree view of every customer by merging activity data from your website, email service provider, CRM system, POS system, and more. After the initial setup, the views and reports update automatically.

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The Canopy Labs analytics engine then generates descriptive and predictive information to tell you what your customers have done in the past, and anticipates what they will do in the future. It also learns from predictions and gets better with time.

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All of the model results and predictions are then made available inside of our platform, and can be exported to popular platforms. We’ll even integrate directly into your website and email system.

Even more advanced features

Want to get hands-on with your data analytics? Our platform can be extended for even more processes with business rules and a direct scripting support in the R statistical language.

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The best team in the industry. Hands down

We’re a fast-growing team committed to changing the world through analytics. We have PhD-level researchers and have worked for organizations such as McKinsey & Company, IBM, Fidelity Investments, and Google.