Built by Renowned Data Scientists

Our data science team consists of PhD-level researchers from the universities in Waterloo, Toronto, Oxford, and more. Our researchers have experience in mathematics, physics, and computer science at companies like IBM, McKinsey & Co., and more.

FAQ About the Canopy Labs AI Platform

The core idea behind the Canopy Labs platform is building and automating customer models.

How do you build your training data?

Canopy Labs works with your first-party data. Our platform integrates data automatically to build 360-degree customer profiles for everyone from your anonymous website visitors, through to loyal customers that shop and interact with all of your channels. These data sets represent rich environments for feature engineering and optimization. Since most marketing channels enable regular data updates, we also can train and re-train models regularly.

Your AI-driven models are only as effective as your datasets, and our first priority is building the best customer data set possible.

What modeling techniques do you use?

The data science team at Canopy Labs is constantly learning and inventing new forms of machine learning. Our techniques include collaborative filtering, matrix factorization, hybrid recommender systems, distributed gradient boosting, and logistic regression models. However, given the advanced nature of the customer data we integrate, we have also pioneered the use of deep learning through Long Short Term Memory Networks, probabilistic graphical models, and other advanced techniques to predict and optimize customer touchpoints.

We are always investigating and exploring new techniques, and are happy to walk you through the latest developments in this space.

We don’t have a data science team; can we still work with Canopy Labs?

Many of our customers use Canopy Labs as their first foray into AI- and machine learning-enabled marketing. Our data science team, combined with our focus on customer success, means your team will be successful regardless of the depth and breadth of your own internal technical or data teams.

My business is complex and unique. How do you incorporate this into your models?

Our models are designed to learn your business processes and customer journeys automatically from the customer event logs we integrate from your first-party data sources. However, we will never know your business better than you do, which is why the Canopy Labs process is a partnership. You will work directly with our data science team and Customer Success team to optimize your models for your unique business situation.

This could include overlaying business rules over the models to prioritize business objectives or using customized objective functions that are unique to your specific business context.