Email personalization is important for driving results. While personalization can be as simple as including a firstname tag, more sophisticated marketers are able to send personalized product recommendations through email too. However, even if you are personalizing offers, your email marketing could be suffering from the email template design itself. If you’re reusing the same email templates again and again, you need to change up your design and test different email templates to determine which styles and designs will convert well for your business.

Canopy Labs has access to data from countless different email templates with personalized offers. We’ve analyzed our email data, including engagement, click-through rates, subsequent web-browsing, revenue generated, and more to identify the top performing templates across different businesses and industries. We have outlined the top nine email templates in this guide.

Download the guide to get access to:

  • Effective email templates for image-based product offers
  • The top templates for text-based offers
  • Creative templates for integrating text and image-based offers