From opera and symphony performances to professional sports games, many arts and entertainment organizations face the challenge of converting one-time attendees into repeat visitors – or in the best case, season ticketholders.

Repeat attendees and season subscribers are heavily sought after because they secure their event attendance beforehand, and serve as brand ambassadors to their friends and family. But when you have thousands of attendees at your event, and limited time & resources, who should you be reaching out to, at what time, and through what channels? The need for ticket sales analytics and marketing has never been greater.

In this white paper, learn how Canopy Labs helped the Canadian Opera Company (COC) in Toronto drive its ticket sales through analytics. By carefully timing their email outreach and providing sales staff with prioritized lead lists following the performance, the COC was able to up-sell many of its guests into becoming repeat attendees for the rest of the season.

Driving Ticket Sales Analytics
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