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Journey Workshops and Strategy

Our mapping sessions help you build an understanding of how your customers flow through your business, from acquisition through to long-term loyalty. Canopy Labs’ subject matter experts facilitate the workshops, which means you’re more likely to succeed and achieve your goals.

Customer Journey Optimization

Our team are experts that can consult you on how to optimize activities to achieve greater success. We’ll help you improve campaigns to increase total revenue, cross-sell metrics, average order value, customer lifetime value, churn metrics, and more.

Monitoring and Business Reviews

We will review your progress and run tactics and strategy sessions with you, helping you with attribution models and our 360-degree customer views. Get one-on-one support, dedicated help in setting up and running campaigns, and advice to achieve your broader goals.

Canopy Labs was a strategic partner from the start. They have in-depth knowledge of technical and analytical issues and are also effective at applying these tools to the arts and museum space.

Alicia Vandermeer, Deputy Director and Chief Advancement Officer

Art Gallery of Ontario

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