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Retailer: 200% sales growth

  • A retail institution making tens of thousands of calls a day wanted to improve its conversion rates.
  • The company had a trove of data: transactions and demographic data for each customer.
  • While it already had an analytics team, much of its effort was focused on building reports and dashboards for various business units.
  • Transactions and demographic data were combined to provide a holistic view of every customer.
  • Propensity models were built to estimate the probability that any individual customer would buy a product if given the chance.
  • A lead list was developed for every product and communicated to the call center.
  • A resounding success: conversions increased by 200% on the same day as the lead list was used at the call center.
  • Agents were thrilled with the improvements, and customer satisfaction more than doubled.

Online Software Company: 25% increase in leads

  • An online retailer has 50,000 customers and sends them e-mails every week.
  • Mailing list software tracks e-mail opens, link clicks, and offer redemptions.
  • A segmentation is needed: how does the retailer target specific customers with specific offers?
  • Enter Canopy Labs: we built a segmentation based on propensity to open e-mails and redeem offers.
  • Three natural customer segments are identified as a result of the model.
  • The marketing team can now cater three different offers and e-mails to the customer base, determined by their likelihood to open an e-mail and redeem an offer.
  • Quality of lead lists is significantly improved, enabling better communication and results.
  • A 25% increase in leads for specific offers as a result of the analysis.

Social Media: 50% increase in referrals

  • A software retailer was receiving over 10,000 daily visits to its site.
  • Its social media practice was underperforming: while it had a strong team, it was not driving as much traffic as the team wanted.
  • A set of dashboards were needed to track progress and ensure the team was improving.
  • The Canopy Labs platform was used to showcase daily progress and share it with the team.
  • The team began tracking progress on a daily basis, with the goal of improving each day’s performance beyond the day before.
  • The team used 5-minute review meetings to strategize around the dashboard results on a daily basis.
  • Social referral traffic grew by 50% in only two months.
  • The team’s social media accounts became more popular and active, with increased number of followers, likes, and retweets.

Daily Deals: Over 100 million records analyzed

  • A growing daily deals site needed to track their customer data across multiple e-mail and transactional systems.
  • The customer data set was enormous, containing over 100 million customer actions; the company wanted to use it to get a better understanding of their customer base.

Canopy Labs offered a mix of technologies that provided quick and actionable insight to their sales process, and would also be scalable to their company growth.

  • The company’s complex database of e-mails, transactions, and other types of data formats were integrated into our system within days.
  • Using our platform, their sales team were able to run targeted retention campaigns to re-engage with customers who had stopped buying.

The results speak for themselves: a modeling tool and analytics engine that can scale to nearly any database size, with the ability to update customer segmentations, models, and analysis in seconds.