Grow your revenue through personalization

Canopy Labs builds 360-degree profiles of your customers across your in-store and online data — eCommerce, POS, email, website, and more – and enables tailored marketing and recommendations to your customers.

Use Canopy Labs to generate unique product recommendations on your eCommerce and brick-and-mortar store, get individualized risk scores for each of your customers, and integrate your email marketing system to enable personalized triggered emails about your products.

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Product Recommendations

Predict which products your customers are most likely to purchase. You’ll see improvements in up-sell and cross-sell effectiveness.

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Triggered Email Marketing

Automatically send personalized emails to each customer to improve engagement and grow sales. Never has “set it and forget it” been so useful.

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Segmentation & Optimization

Optimize your pricing and special offers to maximize revenue and conversion rates at the same time.

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Automate your Email Marketing

Use Canopy Labs to automate more of your personalized email marketing, including:

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Product Recommendations

Personalize which products you recommend to each customer over email.

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Abandoned Cart Emails

Automatically send reminder emails to customers who have left items in their shopping cart.

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Product Retargeting

Trigger emails with more information about products or categories that a customer has browsed.

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One-Click Customer Surveys

Send customer survey emails that can be completed in one click, boosting response rates and engagement.

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Back-in-Stock Reminders

Automatically trigger back-in-stock emails to customers who expressed an interest in the product.

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Win-Back Offers

Send special discounts and offers to re-activate lapsed customers.

“Partnering with Canopy on 1:1 product recommendations is a natural fit. The revenue growth has been impressive, but more importantly, it gives our customers a more personalized and engaging shopping experience.”

– Rebecca McKillican, CEO,

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Data flexibility that works with your business

We’re not fussy about how your data should look. We’ll integrate virtually every data type – and you can let us take care of IT resources, scaling, and management.

360 degree customer view