Grow your revenue through personalization

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Product Recommendations

Predict which products your customers are most likely to purchase. You’ll see improvements in up-sell and cross-sell effectiveness.

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Triggered Email Marketing

Automatically send personalized emails to each customer to improve engagement and grow sales. Never has “set it and forget it” been so useful.

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Segmentation & Optimization

Optimize your pricing and special offers to maximize revenue and conversion rates at the same time.

Some companies using Canopy Labs


“Canopy Labs provides tremendous value in helping us to better understand how to monetize our existing subscriber-base.”

– Mark Cohen, Head of Business Development and Analytics at
Black Lapel

“The platform gives us a good perspective on how we can improve our sales / marketing messages for various customer groups as well as customer service interactions with them.”

– Warren Liao, CEO of Black Lapel
500 Friends

“The most exciting aspect of Canopy Labs is that I’m getting real actionable insights on how to increase revenue for our clients.”

– Dave Louie, Director of Product at 500friends

Data flexibility that works with your business

We’re not fussy about how your data should look. We’ll integrate virtually every data type – and you can let us take care of IT resources, scaling, and management.

360 degree customer view