Grow your donations and supporter engagement through predictive data analytics

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Optimize Donation Size

Predict which individuals are likely to give, and how much. You’ll see improvements in revenue and engagement.

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Triggered Email Marketing

Automatically send personalized emails to each donor to generate donation leads and grow engagement. Never has “set it and forget it” been so useful.

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Predictive Lead Scoring

Help fundraisers generate more donations with prioritized lead lists that draw on past behavior and predictive insights.

Some organizations using Canopy Labs

Royal Ontario Museum
Toledo Museum of Art
University of Sydney

“The Canopy Labs system feels like it was built for us. Canopy showed us opportunities that improved our results. The level of care and detail was phenomenal.”

– Phil Stephens, Senior Manager, Canadian Opera Company
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Data flexibility that works with your organization

We’re not fussy about how your data should look. We’ll integrate virtually every data type – and you can let us take care of IT resources, scaling, and management.

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