A common request we hear from our users is, “How do I use 360-degree customer views to generate more accurate or detailed marketing attribution reports?”

Because Canopy Labs’ platform tracks a company’s website activity as well as purchases, subscriptions, or other transactions, we actually enable an extremely versatile way to generate such reports. Today, we’ll show you two examples of marketing attribution using our new platform: one shows how to create a basic attribution funnel, while the second demonstrates how to generate reports for multi-touch and omnichannel marketing strategies.


Basic Attribution Funnel

In the video below, we show you a simple attribution report. In this case, we find all the individuals referred to your website from a specific search engine who then proceeded to make a purchase within three days.


Generating a Marketing Attribution Report

Now that you have an idea of how to generate simple funnels for marketing reports, we’ll illustrate the flexibility of our funnel analysis process. The video below shows a more complex funnel, where you search and report on customers who have been sourced by a search engine – but was also touched by one of your recent e-mail marketing campaigns.

This funnel analytics approach delivers an extremely granular view of site visitors and customers, enabling you to generate attribution reports that can be as detailed as you need. Indeed, our time-based filters enable you to start exploring lead velocity in addition to connecting purchases to a specific source (or set of sources!) of traffic.

Want to learn more about the theory behind our approach? Get our Big Data for Marketing Attribution white paper today.

Update: We’ve also written an Intro Guide to the 360-Degree Customer View to help marketers understand how building a 360-Degree View can benefit their business!