Updates from Canopy Labs: Team of 15, More Customers, More Features!

Regular readers of our blog might have noticed a lack of updates over the past few months… Worry not, fellow Canopy Labs fans, we’ve just been busy growing the business! And now we’re excited to share some of the good news with you.

Doubling Our Team to 15


It’s a huge testament to the company’s growth and hard work when our team photo – taken just two months ago – is already out of date at the start of May. Yes, the photo above is only half the company today — we’ve grown the team faster than we’ve ever expected. What this means is more developers, more customer success managers, and even a bigger sales team! As a result, we’ll be able to blog more, develop new features, and make sure your sales go up in the process as well!

New Features on our Platform

If you haven’t had a chance to explore them already, we’ve added tons of new features to the platform. Some of these include:

  1. Heatmaps to visualize more complex data sets.
  2. Email marketing capabilities so you can send emails directly from our platform.
  3. More servers so everything is way faster!
  4. … and lots more!

New Customers, More Customers, and then the World!

Over the past year, we’ve grown our customer base to include dozens of companies, from daily deals sites to professional sports teams. We’re helping national charities raise more money, professional sports teams bring happier fans, and building a culture of metrics-driven growth across numerous SMEs. Our goal has always been to make predictive customer (and donor, fan, patron…) analytics accessible to everyone, and we’re proud of the great progress we’ve made.

As for the coming year? Our plans are even more ambitious. We’ll knock your socks off with revamped product recommendations, more customer announcements and case studies, and what is sure to be an even bigger team. If our silly photos are out of date in 2 months, imagine what the next 12 will bring! Stay tuned…

Written by Wojciech Gryc

Wojciech Gryc is the CEO of Canopy Labs. Prior to Canopy Labs, Wojciech was a consultant with McKinsey & Co. and a researcher at IBM Research. Wojciech is a Rhodes Scholar and Loran Scholar.


  1. Luis Arellano

    Congrats Wojciech! You’ve come a long, long way since we were first chatting about startup ideas! I’m proud of what you’ve been able to accomplish.


  2. Mike Maddox

    Looking forward to the new email system! 😉

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