So you’ve just installed the new Canopy Labs app for your Shopify store, and now want to reach out effectively to the leads you are generating through our system. While most companies do this with e-mail or phone calls, some of our customers opt for more creative solutions. Today, we’re featuring a set of apps that help bring your store’s outreach to a new level of sophistication.

Customer Pricing

Interested in offering special discounts to the customer segments you’ve identified with Canopy Labs? Customer Pricing allows you to do just that. Add different discount tiers depending on the customer segments you’ve created, or offer different rates for wholesale clients. Your customers will appreciate being rewarded for their loyalty.


As your business grows, implementing a customer service platform will help you keep track of the questions and issues coming from your customers and start converting those questions into sales. Zendesk is one of our favorite apps for managing customer service. Plus, Zendesk integrates directly into Canopy Labs – so you also get access to sentiment analyses for each of your customers in the Canopy Labs platform!


If the Customer Pricing app has piqued your interest, then Lockdown will take the customer experience one step further. Created by Shopify themselves, with Lockdown you can create a members-only section of your Shopify store where users get exclusive access to blogs, pages and even products. It’s a great way to really make your brand champions feel special.

Abandon App

Adding a product to a cart is a clear message of purchase intent. Reaching out to users who add products but do not complete their checkout is a great way to both find new customers and sell more to existing ones. Abandon App automatically sends email reminders to users who have added products but did not buy. You also have the option to add extra incentive by offering a deal or promotion right in the email reminder.

Have any other examples of great apps you are using alongside Canopy Labs? Let us know in the comments below!