Consumer-facing companies often face the struggle of not knowing enough about certain types of customers. While your most loyal customers will have lots of purchases, e-mail activity, and other data to inform your marketing team, this probably isn’t the case for a majority of your customers, particularly the ones that only have one or two transactions with you. These “middle ground” customers are usually missing just one or two data points to inform your segmentations or broader marketing strategy.

One way we encourage companies to better understand their “middle ground” customers is through segmenting them based on one-question survey e-mails. The goal is to e-mail your customers with one question that identifies their needs and interests, without asking for too much engagement on their end. Armed with this info, your marketing team will have valuable insights on how best to entice them with offers and content later.

Below is an example of a one-question survey we sent on behalf of the Toronto Argonauts, a Canadian football team.


In this case, fans were asked when they like to attend games. Once the football season schedule was released, Argonauts sales agents could segment their outreach based on which teams were playing during specific time periods (ones each individual fan was interested in). Through browsing a fan’s purchase history, the agents could further drive sales by specifically matching up a fan’s preferred schedule with the teams they have watched in the past.

For example, if Jason, a person who attends Calgary Stampeders games has a weekend game preference, then they would be an ideal person to call if such a game was scheduled – and they did not have a ticket yet.

“Canopy Labs’ one-click surveys help us engage our fans better, without asking them to fill out a long questionnaire.” says Harris Greenberg, Manager of Ticket Operations at the Toronto Argonauts.

More broadly, we recommend one-click surveys and segmentations based on these surveys for a few reasons:

  • They enable you to engage with fans in a non-transactional manner. People often get tired of sales-oriented e-mails, so this helps diversify your portfolio.
  • Click rates tend to be in the 15% to 25% range. Yes, this is not a typo! These are the most effective e-mails you can send.
  • They help with segmentation and data analysis. As shown above, you can learn a lot about your customers with one question.

We’re always looking to help brands with engagement and questions. Such surveys are a great way to further fill out a 360 degree customer view and further improve your relationship with customers!