Like it or not, the term “Big Data” is here to stay and every day sees new businesses building on the trend. Many promise to boost sales, drive productivity, and help executives and junior staff make sense of all that is “Big” and all that is “Data”.

Very few companies veer away from this type of marketing message, but those who tactfully and effectively market in this space, do so by building a vision and idea around how data change the world. This year will likely see more data-oriented companies than any other time in human history, and we decided to choose the ones that paint a portrait of the future in a positive and exciting way.

IBM: The end of average

In the eyes of IBM’s Smarter Planet initiative, modern analytics will bring about “the end of average”. Not only does this aspire to show businesses we can go beyond marketing to the “typical person” by using advanced analytics, it also means an end to typical results and typical profitability. According to Ginni Rometty, IBM’s CEO, the end of average is the start of above-average returns. Statistically grounded marketing with a vision we can all get behind.

Ipsos: Nobody’s unpredictable

A public opinion research firm, Ipsos has chosen the customer-centric slogan of “Nobody’s Unpredictable”. Like Canopy Labs, Ipsos aims to understand individual customers and predict what they are likely to do next. Their slogan is both an admission of their vision, as well as a great marketing tool — using analytics and survey methods, we can predict what individuals are likely to do next. Just like the “end of average”, this predictability will lead to future success for companies that invest in their technology.

Teradata: When the world gets smaller, the data gets bigger

IT infrastructure is often seen as less marketing-forward than other forms of enterprise services sales. Teradata has become a powerhouse in this space and its marketing paints a broad-yet-beautiful vision for what it enables. IT today makes the world smaller: through the web, through social media, through mobile technologies, and through other means, we become connected with everyone. This small world, however, causes major IT hurdles — the data and IT needs get bigger as we have more devices which communicate with each other. This Teradata slogan not only explains why IT infrastructure is crucial in today’s Big Data world, but what it enables as well — a small, interconnected world.

The three slogans above paint an eerie-yet-exciting view of the future ahead: a world made small by our connections and technologies, but one that sees historically above-average productivity, efficiency, and (hopefully) excitement. Now that’s a vision we can all get behind in 2014.

Have we missed any slogans you like? Let us know — comment below or send us an email.