We’re excited to announce that Canopy Labs now offers direct integration with the PrestaShop platform – allowing PrestaShop merchants in over 200 countries to start delivering 1:1 marketing experiences to its customers, and drive increased revenue through predictive email marketing, website personalization, and more.

More than 250,000 merchants use PrestaShop to power their eCommerce stores – and as customers of many of these businesses ourselves, we’ve been eagerly waiting to offer compelling products to this diverse community of merchants.

We’re proud of the Canopy team for their hard work in building our latest integration – and more importantly, excited to start offering thousands of PrestaShop stores with the tools they need to empower their eCommerce businesses through personalization and marketing automation!

What does this mean for PrestaShop merchants?

When you connect your PrestaShop store and email platform with Canopy, we start building a 360-degree profile of your customers — across transactional, email, website, and retail data. With Canopy’s unique integration across omnichannel databases, businesses can offer 1:1 product recommendations on their PrestaShop site, send 6-8x more abandoned cart emails than traditional tools, and power personalized email marketing to customers on your email list.

PrestaShop joins a growing list of eCommerce platforms integrated with Canopy Labs – including Shopify, Magento, Bigcommerce, Spree Commerce, and more.

Get started today by signing up for your Canopy account, and selecting PrestaShop from the Apps page — and see how 1:1 customer personalization can turbocharge your marketing!