We are excited to announce a new set of features to the Canopy Labs platform this week. These features have been under development for the past few months, and are now available to all users and customers. They are the result of your valuable feedback, support, and advice. If you ever want to learn more and see other new models, dashboards, or other tools, please let us know.

  1. Scenarios. With Scenarios, our platform explores your customer segments and groupings to track which ones are the biggest opportunities for your sales and marketing campaigns. Not only do we pre-generate lead lists for each campaign, but we also provide you with estimates around incremental revenue. You’ll take comfort in knowing that these scenarios are the most profitable for your company, and your lead lists will be automatically updated to provide the most relevant customers for future campaigns.
  2. Custom dashboards. You can now build fully customized dashboards in our platform. These dashboards can focus on high-level sales numbers, specific campaigns, or any custom models that you build. We will release new widgets and data visualizations regularly, all of which will be available on the platform’s dashboard tool.
  3. Statistics programming console. If you’re keen on building your own models or developing new metrics, we are now providing statistical scripting support (using the R statistical programming language) to analyze your customer data. The data itself is preloaded, so all you have to worry about is scripting. Model results and data generated in the console are available through your custom dashboards, too.

We’d love to show you around the platform and illustrate the features above. Request a free demo and we’ll be in touch soon.