Over the past year, we’ve had the pleasure of working with companies to analyze and optimize over $15 billion in annual revenue. We’ve helped NHL teams sell season tickets, retailers with hundreds of stores personalize customer offers, and travel companies personalize product bundles for every traveller.

In the process, we’ve learned about the incredible importance of the customer journey. Every customer reaches a buying decision in a unique way, and understanding their stage in the buying cycle is critically important to converting them and earning their loyalty.

Yet many companies are left out of the loop, so to speak. Most funnel analytics tools today provide only a high-level overview of customer actions, without the ability to drill down to individual customers. What’s more, they are often limited to analyzing only digital channels.

We aim to change this. Today, we’re announcing the next iteration of the Canopy Labs product. Our product maps individual customer journeys, enables you to query any decision path, build segments based on the journey, and aggregate up to a higher-level report.


A wide variety of businesses are already using our platform to grow their success. Here are three examples:

  • eCommerce merchant: merging transactions, web browsing, and survey results to understand the customer journey that leads to a high versus low Net Promoter Score.
  • Professional sports team: merging data from ticketing, stadium activity, email, and websites to understand where individual fans like to sit; when a game isn’t sold out, the sales team knows who to call to sell a specific stadium section.
  • Travel company: merging historical travel data, web browsing, and CRM data to map the post-trip customer journey; former customers engaging with new trip ideas get an e-mail and phone call to encourage more trip purchases.

In the long run, we envision an environment where a business understands each and every one of their customers’ decision paths, and can use advanced predictive modeling to optimize the journeys themselves.

This is the product we are building, and we are pleased to share its first stages with you today. Sign up now, and we’ll gladly walk you through the platform.