At Canopy Labs, we work with businesses of all sizes to power 1:1 product recommendations in emails and websites. The revenue and customer engagement benefits of personalization are clear – and the more you personalize, the greater the impact that personalization will have on your business.

Once you decide to start personalizing your email marketing, a number of questions arise – from how sophisticated your team would like to be, to the amount of time that managing this new 1:1 personalization program will require. This is a common misconception we encounter, where marketers tell us they want to be personalizing their emails, but already spend too much time managing customer segments and building emails for each group.

In fact, switching to 1:1 email marketing will actually save most marketers time and effort – since a single email template can be automatically populated with personalized offers by analytics engines.

So what are some effective email templates for 1:1 marketing, and how can you implement them for your business?

Today, we’re launching our latest whitepaper, Email Templates for 1:1 Marketing Offers, sharing 9 of the most effective email templates based on years of research and experience. This whitepaper is a helpful guide for businesses looking to launch, or update, their email personalization efforts.

Click here to download your copy of the whitepaper today!