Health and wellness purchases involve complex buying decisions: from choosing gym equipment to ensuring your nutrition choices are aligned, to picking which books and content you read. At Canopy Labs, we’re passionate about improving ourselves and helping those around us do the same. With this, we’re happy to announce that Flaman Fitness partnered with Canopy Labs to understand and optimize the customer experience.

Flaman Fitness has chosen Canopy Labs to personalize its omnichannel customer experience and journeys. It provides home fitness and gym equipment and has a strategic focus on customer satisfaction and customer experience. The Canopy Labs platform specializes in analyzing and optimizing complex customer journeys. After aggregating omnichannel experience data, the platform personalizes email, website, and other marketing experiences to each unique person in the Flaman Fitness database.

By merging Flaman Fitness’ omnichannel customer experience data, Canopy Labs enables marketers to create a centralized view of every single customer. Spanning from gym equipment purchases, website activity, email engagements, and more, every level of customer interaction is included. The data will be used to build a marketing experience that is catered to each specific customer’s needs, with the successful approach used across multichannel retail, travel, ticketing, eCommerce industries, and more.

“Investing in fitness equipment is a highly personal experience. People have different aspirations, different needs, and ultimately require an individualized marketing experience to successfully invest in these products,” says Steve Wittington, Vice President of Marketing and Customer Experience. “The Canopy Labs platform is unique in generating experiences that cater to each specific customer during such a complex buying journey.”

Read the full press release here.