If you work in industries such as finance, luxury retail, or non-profit organizations, then you can probably relate to the difficulty of identifying high net worth individuals for your organization. Whether you’re seeking a significant contribution to your latest fundraising campaign, or new clients to reach out to, these individuals represent important opportunities to expand your revenue and grow your customer base.

But how do you actually identify these potential customers for your organization? Most individuals are discreet about their assets and personal finances, and uncomfortable about sharing this information with third parties. Oftentimes, companies estimate the net worth of individuals based on average home values of their residential neighborhoods, or through third-party research firms that are commissioned to conduct surveys.

In our latest white paper, we’re presenting a new strategy for finding high net worth leads using a targeted analysis of customer activity. The paper will teach you how to harness multichannel data to more accurately identify these individuals and take steps to reach out to them. We also offer a brief case study of a charity we work with that uses this approach to grow their large donations.

If you work in an industry that identifies and caters to high net worth leads, then this new white paper will provide you with new ideas and insights to improve your outreach approach. Download your copy today!