At Dermalogica New Zealand, reminding subscribers of individualized promotions increased campaign revenue by 61% and spurred 3 times more revenue per email. Specifically, Dermalogica New Zealand sent subscribers a reminder to use their promotional code from an earlier birthday email – a simple follow-up email based on engagement, which saw surprisingly powerful lift. RPE Dermalogica Consumers are more likely to purchase, and less likely to unsubscribe, when emails are tailored to them. This is why triggered email campaigns like abandoned carts and embedded product recommenders have become such vital drivers of revenue from an email subscriber base. Dermalogica New Zealand offers their subscribers a “$15 off” coupon during their month of birth. These sorts of promotions are increasingly common with B2C retailers, and for good reason: they are low-risk campaigns, easy to automate, and can be created with a relatively low level of investment. Using Canopy Labs, Dermalogica New Zealand was able to generate birthday email reminders campaigns to segments of customers who did not respond to the initial coupon offer. Since the offer expires in two days, a sense of urgency is injected into the subscriber’s purchase decision. Promo Template The impact on Dermalogica’s promotional campaign is significant. Follow-up campaigns generate 3 times more revenue per email compared to the first email blast, and 4 times that of their other triggered emails! Overall, this has increased Dermalogica’s campaign revenue per email by 33%, with total revenue of their birthday promotion growing by 61%. Promotional offers supplement, rather than replace, existing triggered emails such as abandoned carts, winbacks or replenishment emails, and at Canopy Labs we’d be excited to work with you to build and execute these campaigns. If you’re thinking of implementing a 1:1 promotional campaign, feel free to reach out!