Canopy Labs has now worked with over 400 companies that are interested in optimizing their customer journeys. During our five years working in this space, we have seen numerous varieties of skill sets, data sets, and capabilities.

The Status Quo

In a business environment where the only constant is change, whether it be from consumers or providers, companies need to be able to pinpoint problems with their customer experience and position accordingly. Yes, there are a plethora of tools and resources out there that help businesses improve aspects of their customer experience; however, the tricky part is selecting these tools wisely. One common challenge is maintaining a narrow and focused scope of action that fits your company’s strategic needs.  To overcome this challenge, you first need to assess and understand your company’s position on the CX spectrum, similar to a data-based SWOT analysis. You can then leverage your knowledge of your customer experience maturity to correctly approach improving the customer journey for current and prospective customers.

Enabling CX Creators to Achieve Their Full Potential

To help bridge the gap between what exists today and marketers’ aspirations, we are unveiling the first version of our Customer Experience Maturity Model (CXMM). The CXMM is a five-step maturity model that tracks an organization’s or department’s data-centric and marketing-centric capabilities. For managers and department heads, it helps provide an overview of where they are today and identifies the necessary steps to take them to where they want to be tomorrow. Acting as not only a strategic guide, but also a foundation to build upon capability developments, the CMXX allows for a much more enriching customer experience and ultimately increases revenue growth for your company.  

Step #1 to Success: Evaluate Your Customer Maturity   

The first step to leveraging the CXMM tool is evaluating your company position on the model. Do you employ a method of batch and blast marketing or do you use predictive modeling to respond to immediate customer needs? It is much easier to decide which aspects of your technical infrastructure and marketing strategy to improve upon once you have located your company on the CXMM. It is essential to keep in mind that each company, including yours, has its unique limitations, capabilities, and story to deliver to its clients through its various channels. Whether you desire to provide real-time experiences or communicate via omnichannel digital platforms, our CXMM can help you understand your current level of maturity, and serve as a guide to help you clarify your strategic customer journey.

Limitless Impact

By working with over hundreds of companies in retail, non-profit, performing arts, museum, and more, we have developed resources such as the CXMM to enable companies around the world to deliver world-class customer experiences. We start by maximizing your marketing and communication capabilities. Therefore, in an effort to help all B2C marketers, we are releasing the CXMM without a signup wall. Please feel free to share, promote among your colleagues, and let us know if you have any questions. To check out other resources for CX, data integration, and customer journey optimization, read more on our insights blog here!

Analyze My Customer Experience Maturity