Canopy Labs is thrilled to announce that we’ll be joining Drop. We’ve known the Drop team for a long time now and are excited about their vision for loyalty. We look forward to applying our machine learning technology and experience with customer success to contribute to their goal of building a consumer-first predictive loyalty product.

So why Drop? And why now? Three core reasons:

  1. Loyalty is about behavioral data and personalization. We’ve focused on this thesis from day one at Canopy Labs, and the data set that Drop is building provides an opportunity to optimize every aspect of the customer journey. As people use Drop, we’ll use our AI capabilities to further improve the experiences, offers, and brands people are exposed to.
  2. The future of loyalty is about the consumer. Drop enables consumers to use their data to build loyalty and discover new opportunities. We love that Drop, and its app experience, is ultimately customer-first, as this is what we’re all about as well.
  3. The team and culture. Finally, having gotten to know the Drop team over the past few years, we’re not only aligned on product vision, but also on culture. Companies come in all shapes and sizes, and this alignment is too good to ignore.

We’re excited about this new chapter and we hope you are too. You can read more about Drop’s vision on Derrick’s blog.

If you have any questions, please reach out at