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Canopy Labs, a predictive customer analytics company, announced today that its predictive customer analytics platform has now analyzed over $1 billion in commerce activity. Since launching its platform in early 2013, the company has begun to work with professional sports teams, retailers, and ecommerce companies to predict customer activity for sales and marketing teams.

“The past year showed clear market demand for the type of predictive analytics Canopy Labs provides,” says Wojciech Gryc, CEO of Canopy Labs. “Dozens of B2C businesses are now using our tools to recommend products, optimize e-mail conversion rates, and personalize offers for individual customers.”

Since its launch, Canopy Labs has signed companies across a number of industries, including the Canadian Opera Company, Toronto Argonauts, WagJag, and others. “Companies using our platform have seen significant improvements in conversion rates – 5.5x growth in email conversions, better lead generation, and more. Some sales professionals say the Canopy Labs sales automation and analytics process is the best part of their job.”

Omni-channel dashboards and advanced statistical scripting support

To mark the milestone, Canopy Labs is releasing new features on its platform. This includes a revamped dashboard tool to enable easy omni-channel reporting. This facilitates collaboration, reporting, and support for any sales channels a company uses, including web, e-mail, and transactional systems. All dashboards and data are also available to users through an advanced statistical programming tool.

“The new dashboarding tools and scripting support will enable people with all levels of sophistication to find, analyze, and generate insights from customer data,” says Jorge Escobedo, CTO of Canopy Labs. “We currently have individuals with no prior analytics experience using our dashboards, as well as PhD-level researchers building complex models.”

Impressive annual growth in revenue and team size

Canopy Labs has grown significantly over the past year, from 3 people to a team of 9. The company is composed of data scientists, technologists, and business development specialists. The company is poised to further expand its technical and marketing operations by the end of 2013.


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