Wojciech Gryc

Wojciech Gryc is the CEO of Canopy Labs. Prior to Canopy Labs, Wojciech was a consultant with McKinsey & Co. and a researcher at IBM Research. Wojciech is a Rhodes Scholar and Loran Scholar.

Flaman Fitness partners with Canopy Labs to personalize health and wellness journeys

Health and wellness involves complex buying decisions: from choosing gym equipment, to ensuring your nutrition choices are aligned, to picking which books and content you read. At Canopy Labs, we’re passionate about improving ourselves and helping those around us do the same. With this, we’re happy to announce our most recent customer: Flaman Fitness.

We’re happy and excited to be working with Flaman Fitness. Read the full press release to learn more.

Four ways to ensure an independent, transparent attribution solution

Yesterday’s announcement that Facebook was overcounting clicks and conversions on its video carousal ads isn’t the first time this sort of issue has been announced. These sorts of errors and bugs occur across all advertising platforms. Worse still, data collection across advertising tools varies in quality and type of data, which leads to further reporting challenges.

Over the last few weeks, Canopy Labs has interviewed a number of attribution experts to understand how they deal with the challenges of incorrect data, bias in ad networks, and discrepancies in reporting. This is a big problem: many advertising budgets are higher than marketing budgets. Without knowing which channels actually drive acquisition, conversions, and customer growth, it’s impossible to drive the right marketing mix… You can’t make the right decisions with the wrong data. Read More

The Customer Experience Maturity Model (CXMM)

Canopy Labs has now worked with over 400 companies that are interested in optimizing their customer journeys. During our five years working in this space, we have seen numerous varieties of skill sets, data sets, and capabilities. In an effort to help bridge the gap between what exists today and marketers’ aspirations, we are unveiling the first version of our Customer Experience Maturity Model (CXMM).

View the CXMM

The CXMM is a five-step maturity model that tracks an organization’s or department’s data-centric and marketing-centric capabilities. For managers and department heads, it helps provide an overview of where they are today, and what are the steps they need to take to move to the next level of customer experience capability development — and ultimately, revenue growth.

In an effort to help all B2C marketers, we are releasing this without a signup wall. Please feel free to share, promote among your colleagues, and let us know you have any questions.

A Vision for AI-Driven Customer Journeys

Companies are investing heavily in customer data hubs and integration strategies to build a full, 360-degree view of every customer. At the same time, marketing clouds are becoming more connected – enabling marketers to orchestrate their customers’ experiences in one place, across all channels.

However, as marketers work to map more complex and in-depth customer journeys, they tend to discover a scaling issue with these approaches: the more experiences, sub-segments, and models you optimize for, the more complex the entire orchestration process becomes. Ironically, this can lead to more manual work, where marketers need to create new content and copy, and manually run more campaigns. What is needed is an approach that can automate the thousands of decisions around a customer’s journey, the experience they should be exposed to, and the content that enables this.

This is a paradigm shift for many organizations, and marketers will need new tools to manage the plethora of journeys. Our vision for this is through the use of AI-driven customer journeys.

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Segmenting Customers with One-Click Surveys


Consumer-facing companies often face the struggle of not knowing enough about certain types of customers. While your most loyal customers will have lots of purchases, e-mail activity, and other data to inform your marketing team, this probably isn’t the case for a majority of your customers, particularly the ones that only have one or two transactions with you. These “middle ground” customers are usually missing just one or two data points to inform your segmentations or broader marketing strategy.

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Vegas.com grows revenue per e-mail by 28% through personalized travel offers


Canopy Labs is pleased to announce a detailed case study showing how we helped Vegas.com grow its revenue per e-mail by 28% within two months. Vegas.com is a world leader in the travel space, enabling Las Vegas visitors to book flights, hotels, shows, and more. Working with Canopy Labs has enabled Vegas.com to send fully personalized e-mails to individual subscribers, recommending specific travel experiences, events, hotels, and more.

Click here to download our 2-page case study.

The Future of Marketing Personalization: A Review

The future of marketing automation, personalization, and other B2C marketing strategies is top of mind for many marketers today. Consumers are inundated with abandoned cart e-mails, product recommendations, personalized pricing based on their segments, and more. With so many diverse strategies, the “marketing technology stack” is also getting more complex and harder to manage. More and more marketing professionals are asking how personalization is set to change, and how it will affect their day-to-day work. Today, we’re sharing a few insights that help shed light on the future of marketing automation, personalization, and customer analytics.
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A RESTful API for your Customer Profiles

One of the lesser-known features of the Canopy Labs platform is a RESTful API that enables you to query customer data aggregated from MailChimp, ExactTarget, Magento, Omniture, and whichever platforms we pull data from for your business.

This API enables you to run queries on any of the customer profiles we’ve built, or data sources that we’ve queried. Today, we’ll show you how to get a customer list using the Canopy Labs API and query a specific profile to get a customer’s activities.
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What is a 360-Degree Customer View?


One of the most common challenges we come across when talking to businesses is the need for a unified profile of each customer. A 360-degree view of your customers affords you the ability to respond to, and optimize for, each customer’s context and journey. Building this view can come with technical challenges, but the investment often leads to happier customers, more frequent purchases, and ultimately more revenue for your B2C business.
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The new Canopy Labs: optimizing and mapping the customer journey


Over the past year, we’ve had the pleasure of working with companies to analyze and optimize over $15 billion in annual revenue. We’ve helped NHL teams sell season tickets, retailers with hundreds of stores personalize customer offers, and travel companies personalize product bundles for every traveller.

In the process, we’ve learned about the incredible importance of the customer journey. Every customer reaches a buying decision in a unique way, and understanding their stage in the buying cycle is critically important to converting them and earning their loyalty. Read More