12 segmented e-mail campaign ideas to generate sales

Most businesses understand that creating segmented email campaigns can be a very effective way to improve conversion and generate sales. However, it’s not always obvious how to go about choosing the right segments and developing messaging that resonates with this group. Today we have compiled a list of 12 segmented e-mail campaign ideas that our customers have found effective.

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When to offer percentage discounts vs. gift cards in e-commerce marketing

A fundamental decision email marketers face is choosing what offer to include in a campaign. Will offering a % discount entice customers to buy, or will a small gift card be more effective? More importantly, which will drive greater sales performance?  Today, we highlight the recent experience of one of our e-commerce customers to demonstrate how using A/B testing can shed light on what kinds of offers deliver the best results. 

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How to measure email campaign purchase conversion – R Console tutorial

Every email marketer wants to be able to directly track sales generated by a specific campaign. Commonly used metrics such as open rates and click rates are only rough proxies for the measures that really matter – purchase conversion and total sales. In this blog post, we will explore how to use the Canopy Labs R Console to assess and compare email campaign performance.

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Does winning matter? Helping NHL teams boost ticket sales

At Canopy Labs, we are curious about how a sports team’s fan base grows and shrinks in relation to its performance. Starting with the NHL, in this post we will explore how performance affects ticket sales in different markets and conclude with a set of tips how ticket vendors can use these insights to boost sales. Read More