Centralizing customer data is hard – and one of the most common IT challenges for companies of all sizes, from 10-person eCommerce startups to billion-dollar retail operations. Harnessing customer data requires buy-in from all sides and can be overwhelming at times – but for the businesses that get it right, the outcome can present immediate and long-term returns. To succeed in this area, businesses need the right approach toward data collection and storage, analysis and action, security, governance, and even company culture.

So where does your company stack up? To help you get started on thinking about data analytics, today we’re launching the Customer Data Framework (CDF), which profiles 8 steps to scoring your company’s data capabilities. It is available for download as a free white paper by Canopy Labs!

The CDF defines 8 core capabilities that every business must develop in order to effectively take action on its customer data. Canopy Labs scores an organization on a 5-point scale within each of the eight categories. Businesses that are just developing a basic capability in this competency fall into our “1” score, while best-in-class practices are scored as a “5”. At the end of this exercise, you’ll gain a good sense of how your company scores in customer data capabilities and the potential impact of analytics.

Interested in a full breakdown of the framework and scoring system? Get in touch with us at to learn more!