If you run an online store, then you already know that triggered email campaigns should be a key component of your sales, customer service, and brand awareness strategies. Personalized trigger emails are opportunities to cross-sell your products, engage your customers with your brand, and reward your most loyal fans with special rewards and recognition. Best of all, they require minimal configuration on your end and run on their own after you set your business rules!

Here at Canopy Labs, we’ve seen that sending timely and relevant email messages boost purchase conversation rates and drive sales. But what kind of auto emails should your business set up? Below, we’ve compiled 6 ideas for triggered email campaigns that will help you manage your customer life cycle and boost your sales:

1) Product Replenishment

Many consumer items, from food products to batteries, need regular replacement and replenishment. When the timeline for a product replenishment rolls around, send customers who have bought those products a quick reminder to make another purchase. You can also send automatic reminder emails if they are going off-schedule, reminding them to buy spare quantities soon.

2) Product Recommendations

We’re all familiar with emails that read, “Here’s some products we think you’ll enjoy.” They’re so popular because they’re proven to be effective! Using product recommenders on platforms such as Canopy Labs, you can identify which products your existing customers are likely to purchase next. Send them an email with the products that they’ll likely enjoy and boost your up-sell or cross-sell numbers.

3) Abandoned Cart Reminders

Many eCommerce stores ask us how best to reach out to customers who add items to their online cart, but do not complete their checkout. Sometimes, it’s just a simple reminder email that brings your store and products (which they were clearly interested in!) back to top of mind. In fact, many abandoned carts take place because a potential customer was interrupted in some way – not because they decide to avoid making a purchase. Set up a targeted email reminding them of the items awaiting them back at your store. Better yet, customize your abandoned cart reminders for different scenarios – so you can tailor the message for different customers, from first-time buyers to repeat customers.

4) Win-back Campaigns

If you have customers who purchased a product at your store more than 90 days ago, send them a triggered email with a targeted message inviting them back to your store. To make your offer even more compelling, consider offering a one-time discount code that encourages them to purchase your latest products.

5) Milestone Celebrations

We all have our star customers – repeat buyers who champion our brand, engage with us over social media, and share our latest products and news with their friends. Why not let them know you appreciate their business with a special reward? Set up a triggered email and reward that activates whenever your customers cross a certain milestone, whether that is a total spend, or number of purchases, or even time subscribed to your email list. They’ll appreciate the gesture and spread the news!

6) Review Request Email

Customer reviews play an important role in driving consumer trust in your products. If you’re looking to add more reviews for your products, consider setting up a triggered email that sends a review request to customers a few days after their purchase. You’ll see a rise in customer feedback, find out how your customers are enjoying their purchase – and if not, you’ll be able to work quickly to resolve any concerns that come up.


Have ideas for other triggered emails that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below!