The Customer Experience Maturity Model (CXMM)

Canopy Labs has now worked with over 400 companies that are interested in optimizing their customer journeys. During our five years working in this space, we have seen numerous varieties of skill sets, data sets, and capabilities. In an effort to help bridge the gap between what exists today and marketers’ aspirations, we are unveiling the first version of our Customer Experience Maturity Model (CXMM).

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The CXMM is a five-step maturity model that tracks an organization’s or department’s data-centric and marketing-centric capabilities. For managers and department heads, it helps provide an overview of where they are today, and what are the steps they need to take to move to the next level of customer experience capability development — and ultimately, revenue growth.

In an effort to help all B2C marketers, we are releasing this without a signup wall. Please feel free to share, promote among your colleagues, and let us know you have any questions.

A Vision for AI-Driven Customer Journeys

Companies are investing heavily in customer data hubs and integration strategies to build a full, 360-degree view of every customer. At the same time, marketing clouds are becoming more connected – enabling marketers to orchestrate their customers’ experiences in one place, across all channels.

However, as marketers work to map more complex and in-depth customer journeys, they tend to discover a scaling issue with these approaches: the more experiences, sub-segments, and models you optimize for, the more complex the entire orchestration process becomes. Ironically, this can lead to more manual work, where marketers need to create new content and copy, and manually run more campaigns. What is needed is an approach that can automate the thousands of decisions around a customer’s journey, the experience they should be exposed to, and the content that enables this.

This is a paradigm shift for many organizations, and marketers will need new tools to manage the plethora of journeys. Our vision for this is through the use of AI-driven customer journeys.

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Now Available: Integration with PrestaShop

We’re excited to announce that Canopy Labs now offers direct integration with the PrestaShop platform starting today – allowing PrestaShop merchants in over 200 countries to start delivering 1:1 marketing experiences to its customers, and drive increased revenue through predictive email marketing, website personalization, and more.

More than 250,000 merchants use PrestaShop to power their eCommerce stores – and as customers of many of these businesses ourselves, we’ve been eagerly waiting to offer compelling products to this diverse community of merchants.

We’re proud of the Canopy team for their hard work in building our latest integration – and more importantly, excited to start offering thousands of PrestaShop stores with the tools they need to empower their eCommerce businesses through personalization and marketing automation!

What does this mean for PrestaShop merchants?

When you connect your PrestaShop store and email platform with Canopy, we start building a 360-degree profile of your customers — across transactional, email, website, and retail data. With Canopy’s unique integration across omnichannel databases, businesses can offer 1:1 product recommendations on their PrestaShop site, send 6-8x more abandoned cart emails than traditional tools, and power personalized email marketing to customers on your email list.

PrestaShop joins a growing list of eCommerce platforms integrated with Canopy Labs – including Shopify, Magento, Bigcommerce, Spree Commerce, and more.

Get started today by signing up for your Canopy account, and selecting PrestaShop from the Apps page — and see how 1:1 customer personalization can turbocharge your marketing!

Introducing Our Guides to Funnels and Reports

At Canopy Labs, our aim is to help businesses better understand the complex journeys that their customers, patrons and fans go through before making a purchase decision. The Canopy platform offers a multitude of tools that help to understand and optimize the customer journey – but two of the most powerful ones are the Funnels and Reports Builders.

Today, we’re thrilled to share our Introductory Guides to Canopy Labs Funnels and Reports. These step-by-step guides give you a taste for what is possible using these two tools with Canopy Labs, and assist you as you explore your data in the customer journey platform.

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5 Ways your Organization can Benefit from Predictive Analytics

5 ways predictive analytics

Many businesses across a number of industries are discovering that there is a plethora of data customers leave behind when interacting with their company, be it online, in-store or both. Even though harnessing this wealth of data can provide several organizational benefits, many companies still have not gone beyond collecting and storing their data. It isn’t easy to deal with unstructured data but the benefits are rewarding if you do.

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Why Museums Need a Lifetime View of Patrons

Museum Patron LTV

Picture the last time you visited a museum, whether in your city or on a recent vacation. You probably went online to check opening hours, exhibitions, and ticket prices. You arrive at the museum, wait in line to purchase your tickets, spend a few hours viewing the collection, and stop by the museum store on your way out. You might find there’s so much left to see, you join as a member so you can come back again soon.

Every little interaction that day – from browsing the website, to purchasing a souvenir at the end of your visit – impacts whether or not you had a positive experience, and will consider visiting again.

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How Dermalogica New Zealand Obtained a 61% Growth in Campaign Revenue

At Dermalogica New Zealand, reminding subscribers of individualized promotions increased campaign revenue by 61% and spurred 3 times more revenue per email. Specifically, Dermalogica New Zealand sent subscribers a reminder to use their promotional code from an earlier birthday email – a simple follow-up email based on engagement, which saw surprisingly powerful lift. RPE Dermalogica Read More

How A Fashion Retailer Grew Online Order Value By 26%

Product recommendations are quickly becoming a staple of online shopping experiences. Whether it’s or a new Shopify store, more and more companies are incorporating “Also Recommended” or “Customers Also Bought” offers to their site. However, too many recommendation engines today are still a bit clunky – if you look at one pair of blue jeans, suddenly all you get are offers for dozens of blue jeans.

Today we’re sharing how one fashion retailer used a different approach to product recommendations, leading to a 26% increase in Average Order Value.
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